1964 Insider- Pamela Adede

1964 Insider is our segment where we connect with our favourite ’64 girls and dive into various aspects of their daily lives and what keeps them going.

For Pamela, self-care is honestly answering the question ” Pamela how are you?” and taking note of her feelings and taking care of herself”

Pam in the Pink Yang

What is your full name/nickname?

⁃ Pamela Adede also known as Pam the babe! Haha, my close friends call me Pam Pam. 

When are you most inspired ?

⁃ For someone who’s always playing, telling all the jokes; I’d say I’m most inspired when I’m alone. I get in moods where I don’t really speak and then I center my thoughts and scramble in my notes. 

How do you relax 

⁃ Music, candles, sleep. Other times I get in some reps or stretch it out at the gym, helps get my mind off other things. 

What does self care mean to you?

⁃ This might sound funny but I constantly and randomly ask myself ‘Pamela, how are you?’ Then I can honestly answer the question,note my feelings and take care of myself instead of the usual polite ‘I’m fine, thank you.’  Next best thing? unplugging, surely. 

Its brunch what do you eat?

⁃ I’m definitely an English breakfast girl, with a side of fries and maybe pancakes. 

Who do you admire the most?

⁃ My sisters, they push the limit every time. Real boss ass babes!

Words you live by

⁃ Matthew 6:34 basically problem no dey finish. I try to take the days as they come; one day at a time. And yeah, enjoyment! 

What song best describes you.

⁃ Right now a mix of Hallelujah even here- Lydia Laird & Enjoy- Tekno.

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