The Tulum Edit

The Tulum Edit

Tulum, Mexico is a city filled with resorts and a perfect inspiration for this drop alongside the precious art of dolce fa niente.

When I started working on the drop in the first quarter of 2022, It was from a place of resilience and not wanting to quit, giving the terrible economic situation in Nigeria.

Going to Tulum changed my perspective. Tulum is popular due to its free-spirit vibe with everyone being so chilled and simply living their best life. The reason I started 1964 in the first place was to inspire same.

The past couple of months have not inspired that internally. We’ve found ourselves struggling with operations due to no fault of ours but the terrible instability of the country where we are based, Nigeria.

Therefore, in the spirit of dolce fa niente, we will be taking a hiatus for a couple of months and this will be our final drop for a while. We hope to come back stronger and more inspired to keep giving you the comfort clothes that you love so much.

Our final drop before this hiatus is inspired by the sweetness of doing nothing. Taking time off to restrategize and reset and of course while wearing the easiest comfortable clothes

This is not a travel guide, but I will share a few of my favourite Tulum spots and places you should visit if you ever find yourself in Tulum!

Chichen Itza - One of the seven wonders of the world.

AHAU Tulum - Did you even go to Tulum if you don't have a picture at this famous sculpture?!

SFER IK AZULIK - I'm a sucker for picturesque and zen spots so this was a mist see. I do think that they should host Yoga classes or at least serve drinks here for the fee they charge.

HACIENDA OXMAN CENOTE - This was really refreshing with an adreline rush. We had to jump into the cenote with a suspended rope. haha

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