Creating an easy-going home that you would love

Creating an easy-going home that you would love

Wouldn’t it be relaxing to know that our house will from now on always be tidy, decluttered, clean, and all the good stuff? Unfortunately, cleaning is a thing we constantly have to do.

Creating an easy-going home that you would love is possible with the method we introduce in this blog post.

In our last post, we also talked about creating new habits and putting in prep work to have a better workflow later on. Being tidy on regular basis is like forming a new habit which can be difficult.

This why we are sharing the KonMari method with you in this post; to help you create an easy-going home that is tidy and decluttered.

The KonMari Method by Marie Kondo

The KonMarie Method shows you the simplest ways to ensure that you create an easy-going home that you would love so it translates into your lifestyle.

There is a single unique selection criterion - CHOOSING WHAT SPARKS JOY.

“Life truly begins only after you have put your house in order.”

– Marie Kondo

Taking a step into a tidy lifestyle begins with an easy step, which involves going through everything you have by category and asking if each item sparks joy in you.

According to Marie Kondo, if an item doesn't spark joy in you, then you can thank it for serving you.

At 1964, we can help you achieve the KonMarie method in two ways:

  • If you decide to give an item away, you can partner with The Bloom Tribe to sell, drop or gift to someone the item.
  • If you decide a 1964 product has served you long enough and you want it to spark joy in someone else’s heart, you can send pictures of the cloth to us and we’ll resell it for you through our sustainability program called the 1964 New stories.

With the KonMari Method, you’ll learn to listen to your inner voice.

By practicing it in tidying, you’ll see transformations on the outside and step by step on the inside as well.

You choose how you live your life!


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